Afghan post Policy

Our Policy approach is in line with the global view of postal reform and specific situation of Afghanistan. This vision is illustrated in diagram (a). In summaries the purposed intervention comprised of the following key interlinked components.

  • Reform and structuring of Postal system as well as postal department of Ministry of communication, creation of Afghan Post and build a postal regularity function (Afghan Post Commission). This well addressed government priority reform of agenda through implementation of this program a clear legal frame work and new structures that well allow the rapid growth and delivery of postal services in the country with active participation of the private sector. Postal addresses well be standardized and postal numbering to be completed.
  • A chain of around 850 modern post offices well be established Revitalized and modernized though which ordinary, express and new added value services well be provided. These post offices well sever as community communications centers and to equipped with the Telecommunication and   e-post facilities in partnership with private sector and Afghan telecom.
  • A good alliance and cooperation will be established between afghan post and other private sector operators to handle timely services meeting international standard at national and international level.
  • The program will strongly focus on capacity development and establishment of postal academy for Human Resource capacity development and by the end of second year of the program such a center for training will be fully functional with all relevant facilities in alliance with regional postal training institutions.
  • Expansion of a range of products/services that will include the following important area:
    • E-post Applications using GCN and DCN infrastructures that will enable the postal system to benefit from the ICT backbone up to the districts level within coming 18 mounts. This will facilitate Hybrid and on-line services as the network expends to all post offices.
    • Using postal system to become secure revenue collection, payments and Banking Mechanism in Afghanistan.

This a three years program and through implementation of this program we will be able to separate regulation from postal operation with an appropriate legal and regulatory frame work, Afghan post will be created as a commercial postal company open with a strategic private sector partnership. The post office network will expanded from 427 post offices to 850 where 130 post offices in provincial capitals and town where some 375 small post offices at district and small towns will be Rehabilitated and constructed beside the post offices that will be built /Rehabilitated though ASP (Afghanistan Stabilization Program)  and UNDP, with the ability provide new services beside ordinary mail services including financial services as a result the system will contribute to better connectivity, improve governance and businesses with the strong impact on revenue collection/generation . Training opportunities will be provided both for public and private sector that well help 5000 Afghans to get sustainable jobs.