Planned services

Postal code

Postal code usually consists of a sequence of letters and numbers, or numbers only, and is appended to the end of an address. Postal Code identifies an addressee’s location and assists in the transmission, sorting and delivery of mail items.

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Track and Trace

Afghan Post (AP) provides universal postal services with over one century history throughout the country. AP is a member of Universal Postal Union and EMS cooperative as well. It provides postal collection and delivery services both domestic and international via 463 post offices safe, secure & expedite. And Kabul is headquartering the whole postal services with one Central Post office and 25 city post offices. for track and trace your postal item  Click Here


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Track & Trace

To track your postal items like Parcels, small packages, letters or any other postal item click here.

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Postal Rate

We keep your trust as continuous with best quality of services and affordable prices. We always think about our customers’ satisfaction as well as their needs & demands with parallel to new global technological developments.for more details Click here


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Passport Track

Afghan Post is always try it's best to provide the best services for their customers and here we simplified a process of track and trace of your passport very easily from anywhere and anytime. For track your passport just simply write your barcode number by typing it manually or using any bar-code reader.

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