Small Packets

A shipping service that provides economical delivery at moderate speed for parcels of up to 2 kilos to over local and international destinations worldwide. Customers can send any item via Air Parcel provided they meet the size and weight requirements, are properly packaged and, are not considered a dangerous good or a prohibited item in the country of destination.


The most traditional service to send a letter or document worldwide that dose not weight more than 2kilos and does not require urgent delivery


Sending a letter as Registered Mail implies that the delivery of the mail item is guaranteed since it requires a signature by the addressee. However, Afghanpost does not deliver a registered mail item to a physical address. The addressee receives a notification that informs them that a registered item is ready to be picked up at one of our branches. The addressee will sign for the registered item when they pick it up.


A post card is a card to send messages by mail without an envelope.


A Aerogramme is air letter designed to be a letter and an envelope in one. It is already stamped, marked for folding and already gummed. post card is a card to send messages by mail without an envelope.


This service is especially for customers sending items that do not weigh more than 5 kilos for local & international destinations. Items can be books or pamphlets. So, under printed matters fall all reproductions of paper, cardboard or other materials commonly used in printing, produced in several identical copies. Items should be sent in an envelope since they may be opened for verification of the contents.